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Welcome to our community. GTA5POLICE Is a FiveM community running since January 2017. We're primarily known for our servers, "New York City Roleplay", however as of August 2017, we've switched to multiple different cities. We currently host Los Angeles, New York, and soon to be Chicago, And Detroit servers.
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    • Today, I got banned for VDM for no reason.  I was drifting and parked at a car show.  Then I back up and hit someones taxi on ACCIDENT!  So, then I start doing donuts and the guy starts to chase me on foot.  So, then he got run over, because he WALKED INTO MY DONUTS, and then DeSync happens so, it ends up hitting them when on my screen I didn't hit them, then Jesus Christ shotguns me in the face and then I get banned by Big Daddy!  So, I just wanna appeal that's it.  Thank you in advance...    
    • TL;DR : Make the illegal jobs for drugs have multiple vehicles to choose from.   Also, I do believe this would create some more RP but I am not certain if it is possible. Like the idea though.
    • So i've been on the server for quite awhile now, and its a lot of fun. The only thing i wish was a little bit different with Illegal money making (coke,meth,heroin,moonshine,) is the vehicles we are forced to use. I could be totally wrong, but i feel as if as soon as a cop sees one of those vehicles on the road, they already know what that other player is either doing or gonna do. I think maybe if they would add a couple more vehicles (2-3) different ones to each process it wouldn't put the "Criminals" at such  a big risk. Take Moonshine for instance, we can only use the ratloader. Now if we could use the Chevy silverado, and a lifted truck that already in the game along with the ratloader, it doesn't make the criminals as obvious. Also cops can't then just say "oh he has a ratloader so im gonna go camp by moonshine stage 2, same goes for the other illegal types. I just feel like it would be more fair to the criminals to run the illegal stuff. It would also make the cops actually do patrols up north/at the 2nd stages of each process, and possibly catch people in the act, meaning more rp all throughout the state. Any one else feel the same way? Let me know how you feel! Thanks, Johnny Shelby
    • It would be good to get some rostering times or a minimum hours a member of the PD or EMS have to complete in game from them to stay members. I would love in a server of 32 people for there to be at least 6 police and 1 or 2 EMS on the servers most of the time. I waited 10 minutes for police and they didn't respond only to find out that in the server of 32 people that were on only 2 were police. 
      You have to go through an application to get Police or EMS so a set amount of hours or roster should be a commitment to the server.
    • Great job last to our officers and ems was best rp ive had so far -icci
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